Where we were already

Overview: track and planned route (July2016)

Europe 2013

UK 2013

West Africa Dec2013-May2014 (almost 10000km)

USA and Canada (May2014 - Feb2015) about 25300km. Every color represents a different leg. Magenta and light blue are solo trips either by Wolfi or Skippy.
USA and Canada - East coast
USA and Canada - West coast
Our Mexico track: 4733km Total ascent/descent of about 48.000m

Central America: about 3500km
Peto & Wolfi solo from South Colombia via Ushuaia to Buenos Aires (abt. 16000km and 130km ascent/descent)

In case you want to follow our tracks in more detail:

Via Baltica

Morocco (track with waypoints GDB format)

Mauritania - Senegal - Mali (track with waypoints GDB format)

Burkina Faso - Ghana (waypoints and our entire West Africa track in GDB format)


More to be added...

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