Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hellride through Guatemala (26.- 30.5.2015)

Guatemala - an adventure ride for both of us. Lean back and watch how we struggled...

Scary electrical connections on the shower pump.
Guatemala way to compress aluminum cans for recycling... at least there is recycling :)
Coffee plants as far as the eye can reach.

Close up - must be a hard job to pick all those beans!
Cool looking volcano edge (We were inside the volcano).
Skippy at the hotel.
Some of the moto taxi looked really great and fun!
A typical back alley where one can only walk - maybe get there with moto.
The beautiful flower tree at the hotel
At last some signs indicating whether the street is one way or two-way.
An entire stray-dog family.
Somebody tries to educate kids to take care of trash (basura) and to do recycling.

Jungle-kind backyard with all sorts of fruit trees and some coffee here and there :)
Road to the hotel had a steep grade.
Lake Atitlan
Skippy's bike suffered after this really bumpy road - maybe the extension piece was too heavy and caused too much extra vibes?
Another gorgeous roof-dog :)
Our track - 475km
Accommodations to Guatemala can be found here.
Tracks and waypoints can be found here as gbd and here as gpx.

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