Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Skippy gets all muddy and dirty in El Salvador (30.5. - 1.6.2015)

Enjoy with us a moment of relaxation

Wolfi made vegan fast food - whole wheat spaghetti with ready made tomato-basil sauce.
The big pool at the restaurant.
Cascades of hot pools.
Delicious breakfast with plenty of fresh fruits and the typical Skippy-being-annoyed-look before breakfast :D

Border crossing Guatemala - El Salvador

We went over the border at Valle Nuevo/Las Chinamas at the CA8. Just before the Guatemala check-point there come the first guys who want to change some money (first he offered 7.9 then 7.7). Those guys are followed by some others who want to help you with the paper work which is straight forward and easy - no need for that.

At first we got the bikes stamped out of Guatemala. That took some time because the copy machine was broken. Anyway, some time later all was clear (Note: if you intend to come back to Guatemala, then the formalities might be different). At the next section of the building we got our exit stamp into the passports. One guy said something about the dogs which I did not understand and obviously it was nothing important because we were allowed to leave Guatemala after we presented the stamped bike papers to him. Anyway those guys could see where we go and so on and if there would have been missing something important, I am pretty sure they would have yelled after us. Not the German way but it works as well :)
At the same time a handful of stray dogs were crossing the border station just like that :D
After crossing the bridge the hassle started at the El Salvador side. First we were told to park behind the booth and the guy wanted a copy of the title, passport and driving license. Then he disappeared for some time into the booth and another guy - I call him Hugo - took it from there. Hugo was quite helpful and maybe because we came all the way from Finland he tried his best English. As those papers proceeded I went to see the vet for paperwork - first time in CA!

I presented girls' passports and some older papers. He took some copies, stamped one and gave it back to me. He also stamped the international health certificate which we got in Mexico. At least he was happy and even more after he saw our cute little monsters. The vet also spoke a few words English, anyway enough to get the paperwork done.

Then Hugo guided us to the next check point for the bikes. On the way he indicated where the restrooms are - that made Skippy worry. We proceeded with the bike papers and that took a looooong time (maybe one hour). Finally we got all those papers, got to our bikes and then rode towards the immigration point. This guy wanted to see our passports, the bike papers and the tiny slip we got from the Guatemala side. All was clear - a big smile and we went off.

Until we got stopped for the last time about 200 meters later. The guy checked once more the biker papers, made some stamp on them and finally we could continue our journey.

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