Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Time for bike maintenance, some more dog shelter work and more of Atenas

Some of the pics are a bit off-sync from the travelogues but I am suppose to have vacation- or what? :D
When we went to Carara National Park, there was such a nice warning sign. But we did not see any crocs only heard some water splashing.
Yes - those were the parrots I was looking for!
When coming back from the NP we stopped at a tourist shop and I was not sure whether somebody stored his lunch here or where those bananas for monkeys or what?
When I did some bike maintenance I finally found the fault in this coupling (already replaced it earlier but did not find what is broken up to now). They tend to break at the fuel line nose. Unfortunately this 90° piece is only available in plastic whereas the straight pieces can be bought as metal ones.

A closer look at the cam shaft chain. I changed the left cam shaft tensioner already some time ago but now there was again a bad rattle especially under load, uphill around 3000-4500rpm. I noted that the right cam shaft chain was much looser (there was still tension) compared to the left one. So I decided to change the right tensioner now. A few hours later (heavy work because of the sidecar, easy job at a solo bike) and I got the old tensioner out. Compared to the new one the old one was about two mm "shorter", so I guess the spring got old. Lets see what happened to the rattle next time I ride uphill.
Having lunch in a restaurant for the first time in Costa Rica.
Man, this place was hard to find. Why can they not use the streets and the street corners as indicators? It would be so easy: Calle 134/Ave 34. Instead they are: "Located 1 block south (up the hill) from San Miguel Catholic Church's main entrance in a green 2-story building decorated w/mosaics in the "Buena Tierra". Figure that one!
I needed a dark beer. Bavaria was pretty tasty!
Skippy recording ants.
I had another walk with Melli. At least she can sniff a little bit the air outside the dog hotel.
Friday = dog shelter day. Skippy was loved by all the fellows especially by Sera!

Another morning walk and then we saw this horse having a good time in the corn field :)

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