Monday, August 3, 2015

Some more still impressions from Atenas

Skippy - the Mango Queen!
Device to verify Ehrlichia and positive test result of Lyra.
Greivin (left) invited me to his house. Besides him is his brother Marco and his girlfriend Natalia.
The Jesse luggage mounting bar of the left blinker fell off some time ago and now Greivin welted it back together. Thanks a lot!
Again those fuel-line quick couplers were leaking (the white part on the right side). I replaced the line which goes under the tank with one that goes around the tank. No more coupling needed!
Maybe not pretty but works fine.
Rebec (landlord's dog) started to come with us on our walks. Here she is checking out the guard-bunny :)
Concrete mushrooms grow the best on stony underground!
Big amount of caterpillars on this tree.
Another "pet" - this gecko lives in our shower room.
I gave Beto and one Animales Atenas volunteer a ride back to Dora's place.
At least Beto seemed to like it a lot. No signs of panic or discomfort - and he is cute and small (Dora in the background). Skippy, shall we ...?

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