Saturday, August 22, 2015

Peto the beast and bicycle test ride (12. - 21. Aug.2015)

Still impressions from the past days.
V for Vegan! :) Visiting veg-restaurant Mandala in Escazu.
While we were sweating many people were wearing long pants, sweatshirts and turtle necks.
Gigantic mixer.
Kitchen guest
Two dudes ;)
More impressions of Peto

Test vehicle - Thanks Alex for borrowing us your trailer!
Girls on the road.
Peto loves to eat mangoes from the ground.
Skippy cooking: Cinnamon rolls baked in the rice cooker.
Cinema system to let people know they can enter now. If your screen number is lid, you can go. If it is off, you need to wait.
Went again to the other dog shelter in Atenas and saw this lazy cat hanging there :D
Looks and feels like we would have four dogs! Rebec hangs at our place from sunrise to sunset. Lyra, Peto and Rebec hunt lizards and bugs. Peto and Rebec also play together nicely while Lyra and Ulpu ignore the other two. Rebec also started to protect us. Her heart will be broken when we leave and ours too. She comes here also to seek shelter from rain.

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