Friday, February 13, 2015

Sahuaripa, Sonora 7. - 11.Feb 2015

Enjoy travelogue #64 :)

And a few pictures ...
Hotel Casa Grande in Sahuaripa
Nice inner yard of the hotel ...
... with a grapefruit tree
We met Dang and Dean (going by bicycle to South America) and had excellent discussion about going around the world.
Chito our guardian
Those vultures were spooky.
Hot water production Mexican style
The street name signs also indicate in which direction to drive. Less traffic signs! Of course one needs to know what to look for and this gringo did not know :D
Sweet little dog peek-a-boo around the corner
Sad girl - happy girl
Another stray dog following us
SilberWolf made it to the 100.000km club. I missed THE moment as I was so focused on the street.
Our track (305km)

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