Thursday, February 26, 2015

Batopilas - Nuevo Ideal (18. - 22. Feb2015)

Find here the next episode of our reality show :D

Hotel Silvia in Balleza
Our door lock - I wonder if anybody got ever locked up by accident?
Roadblock - Mexican way
Hardware store selling also coffins/graveyard stones?
View in Balleza.
Secure parking in the inner yard
Hotel Barraza besides the bus station in Santa Maria del Oro. At first we parked in front of the hotel on the street. That was spooky because plenty of people came by to talk and the kids' body languages were somehow strangely aggressive (like "give me your money you bloody tourist"). Luckily the owner showed some understanding and I could move the bikes into his locked inner yard at his house which was only two blocks away.
Plaza at Santa Maria del Oro
Hotel Suites in Nuevo Ideal.
Those wires were hot with some isolation missing - extra crispy :D
View from the public hallway into our bathroom ;)
Street parking - nicely guarded from the reception

View over the city (west)
View over the city (north)
Paper as isolation for the water pipes?
Lyra made new friends
A nice small park for our walks
Brick production
Nuevo Ideal by night
Our track from Batopilas to Nuevo Ideal via Balleza and Santa Maria del Oro (about 680km). We wanted to ride more of the white streets but as it turned out the one from El Ojito towards south-east was indeed a gravel/mud road, so we turned back and rode via Parral to Santa Maria del Oro. The road from there towards Mex23 was in excellent condition and fun to ride.

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