Monday, December 15, 2014

Wolfi's day sentence

Yeah I went to prison ... all by myself and voluntarily :D

I invested some money and visited Alcatraz. First I had a joy ride one of those famous cable cars and after a brisk walk I was at the Alcatraz Landing pier. 
Cable Cars: old concept - still working fine.
Amazing how those cars manage the steep hills.
That was my ride.
Of course must have a Xmas car
I got lucky and they still had tickets for the same day and a few moments later I could jump on the boat to the island. I must admit that this was the first (and hopefully last) time in a prison. It was not a pleasant place to be, yet interesting. Plenty of old stuff from the 60s was on display and the audio tour helped to get a decent picture of what life must have been there.
Approaching the island

The island did have some real pretty sides.
Guard house at one corner of the recreation area.
Welcome :D

Audio tour was great - make sure you get your headset!
One of the inmate's cell of the famous escape - June 1962
Another one
The "Broadway"
Door locking mechanism
and the lever at the end of the cells.
Gun gallery with the reminding key.

Looks like a big breakfast
Solitary cells
Recreation area with a view of Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco

What a view - a real teaser for the inmates.

Nice garden at Alcatraz - (Eng.: Arum, Suomeksi: kalla) a beautiful flower in America used at weddings, in Finland at funerals.
Some old stuff left.
Control room
And there was this beautiful full rainbow.

There was also an interesting exhibition (@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz). 

Alcatraz had many purposes - it was built originally as a fortress.
The weather was inviting and I decided to explore a bit the city by walking from the Alcatraz landing pier back to the motel. I saw some of the famous and known from movies landscapes (see also the travelogue). The hills were extreme and I could feel that I am in lousy physical condition – now I had the chance to improve my cardio a little :D

A short video clip about my Alcatraz experience :)

~ Wolfi

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