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More Croatia and a bit of Slovenia

Back in Czech I got badly cold to my back, when we had to drive the whole day in only +8 C. We are not equipped with heavy winter gears! So the whole time until Croatia my back was little bit stiff and sore, but I kept thinking that it will be fine in few days, if I just keep it warm and stretch every day... Well on the morning of our departure from Plitvice Lakes I could hardly walk properly anymore! Not sure if the 5.5 hour walk in the previous day made it worse or the cold seat in the park bus, but anyway I was suffering. Still we had to move on, but luckily to a much warmer place by the Mediterranean sea :)
Lunch brake by a nice field. In our family you can never eat bananas in peace!!!
The morning of October 16th started as rainy, cold and very yucky and I was already thinking that this will be one hell of a day! But obviously mother nature realized that I was suffering enough and brought us sunshine pretty quickly after we left and eventually we got lovely warm weather as well. That was a very nice driving day, with great winding roads and spectacularly beautiful autumn scenery!
Another brake by spectacular mountains...
(Click on the picture to enlarge)
Just a kilometer after the brake by the mountains, we went through a small tunnel and on the other side I almost couldn't believe my eyes! Stunning view to the sea and a great looking serpentine road leading down to the shore. On the other side I had no idea that the sea was so close and of course Wolfi didn't mention anything about it! That road was great fun, even though the last kilometers were very painful! Well, no pain no gain, or as I like to say in Finnish: "kivussa kasvaa" :D
Finally the sea in sight!
When we arrived at Senj I was feeling so bad, that Wolfi had to help me down from my bike, and in the end he took mostly care about everything (girls, food), even though I was heavily trying to play a hero... Real fighter doesn't give up just like that! :D
This gorgeous old castle was just besides our hotel and we could admire it from our balcony.
Next day we had a lovely, peaceful walk to the city and around the castle. The walkways in the castle park were paved with very nasty little stones and girls started to walk on the narrow stone edges in a queue, that was a hilarious scene!
In the evening I finally gave up and started to treat my back with some painkillers and muscle relaxants, because I couldn't even stretch anymore and sometimes the pain got so bad that from waist down my whole left side got kind of paralyzed! But wow, did the pills totally knock me out! I'm trying to live without any medications and my body is pretty clean from any toxins, so when in extremely desperate situations I have to take some painkillers, I get either kind of high or knocked out... Luckily I have my strong "chevalier", who can easily carry me around :D
Lahjoja, koruja ja nakkeja! Mielenkiintoinen yhdistelmä :D (nakit means "wieners" in Finnish)
Enjoying the sun and warmth and still smiling :) Wolfi fell a sleep, I guess...
View from our balcony towards the city.
After two nights in Senj we headed towards Slovenia and Ljubljana, especially because Wolfi's ex-"stepdaughter" Tuuli lives there and they hadn't seen for about eight years! So it was a nice idea to meet and chat a bit.

The first half of the way was really nice winding roads on the hills/mountains. Just the problem for me was, that there were enormous amount of holes and bumps and they hurt like HELL (nicely said...)! So I couldn't really enjoy the day and once had to stop, because I was crying of pain so badly that couldn't see anymore. Am I crazy, or what!? Well I don't give up easily and when there are plans made, especially with other people, I always try to keep them!

Just before we hit the nice area, we saw this horrible scene: unbelievable amount of plastic bags everywhere and poor sheep trying to graze there! This was a really shocking scene, almost like one in this film:

(link is here:

How about if we all start caring more about our nature and our habitats, and try to pollute as little as possible! One good way to start more eco-friendly life is to say no to plastic bags! Start carriyng with you e.g. some long lasting cotton bags for shopping and mesh bags for fruits and veggies! And if you have right now some plastic bags, don't just throw them away when starting a better life, but use them 'till the very end! Many plastic bags survive much longer than just one usage! I have still in use some plastic bags, which I've got already several years ago!!!
Did a plastic bag factory blow up here or what happened?!
I made it to Ljubljana in one peace, but was instantly grounded... so Wolfi took care of girls and food again. First night he brought some pretty excellent vegan fast food and I got to taste delicious Tiramisu for the first time since I became vegan! That was a very lovely treat :) , but there went my 80/10/10 raw food diet for a moment... Well once a month isn't so bad and anyway I'm still in transition :)

On the first morning in Ljubljana we had to take Hertta finally to a doctor. She had been suffering of itching skin for about a week now and some of her cancer bumps had got bigger. I tried to treat her skin with natural tea tree -oil, and it did help when ever Hertta wasn't scratching! By the time we were in Ljubljana she was a bit better, but we still wanted to know if she's in pain and what we should do... Well the doctor instantly thought she'd have flees, but we didn't believe that theory, because Lyra and Ulpu were all fine. Other theory was that she has some allergy or has just got irritated in some high grass. We got some spray for atopic skin and either that or time helped, but anyway now she's rather fine again :) According to the doctor she shouldn't be in pain either! But if she starts coughing, then we should go to doctor again...
Loving Hut -stall in Ljubljana. I can warmly recommend the spring rolls and the tiramisu! :)
After noon we walked to the old town of Ljubljana to meet Tuuli and her boyfriend. Luckily our hotel was rather close by! We met in a pretty fancy cafe called Lolita, because in Happy Cow we saw that they should also have some vegan desserts. The raw cakes were wonderful!!!
Shit car came just when the place was very busy, well wasn't for too long... :D
Happy get-together :)
My situation didn't get any better in Ljubljana, so we decided to have one week of rest somewhere in peaceful surroundings. I didn't want to go to doctor either, 'cos I know they would only order plenty of rest, painkillers and muscle relaxants... I wanted to treat myself for a week first and then see if I'd need some additional help.

We didn't find any nice/affordable place close to Ljubljana in Slovenian side, so we went back to Croatia to Rupa, which is just on the border.
"Buzzing" in Rupa :D
At the moment (and most likely for a pretty long time) we both have many projects going on that require PC and when having only one, it gets bit on the nerves occasionally... I had been thinking about getting my own Tablet for quite some time and finally in Croatia mentioned it to Wolfi. About week later Wolfi bought me Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note -tablet. What a great man! :) That was especially nice surprise now that I was almost bound to bed and totally bored and restless!!!
Happy me :D
btw. My body could handle the drugs only for six days, then the bad side effects kicked in! On the seventh night I woke up to a horrible chest pain and that continued several days even though I gave up with the meds instantly! I'm so not going to have any pharmaseutical shit anymore, they're not for me and not for human body anyway!!! So I started to treat myself naturally, as usual, and now I'm having an experiment with Neem and Solum Follonum powders, which Wolfi found for me from Rijeka. The latter one we've been trying to find for a very long time already!
This was in the neighbour. Somehow funny, so pink and neon and plenty of truckers there...
At the end of the week I was feeling a bit better and could have my first proper walk with Wolfi and the girls. As usual, I'm always heavily observing my surroundings (especially the ground) and this time I saw my very first mantis! Really interesting creature and truly frightening looking, even though only about 10cm long.
Lyra almost had a fight with this fellow!
Walk to the Slovenian border and Hertta doesn't care about the signs at all! :D
After resting for a week I slowly started to feel better. Still quite stiff and in pain occasionally, but at least no horrible paralyzing pain anymore! Biking is also much easier than walking when you have back problems, so we could finally move on. In the middle of our stay in Rupa I also got great new motivation to move on, no matter how bad pain I would have.... :D

~ Ilta

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