Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Escaping the snow

Snow - that was not what we signed up for when coming to Spain. The cold weather did catch us somewhat by surprise and even the locals told us it is too chilly for their taste. At San Sebastian the temperature meter did not climb over 10C and it seemed to rain and drizzle almost all the time.

Of course heading south meant also that we needed to cross a few mountains :-o
The first leg from San Sebastian to Logrono was rather boring. We climbed up to 1000m and we saw some snow. That was not too bad and once we went over the hill it rained less and we arrived safely in the hotel's underground car park.
The hotel was located in a shopping mall and we wanted to experience a movie in Spanish language as well as go bowling (we've been talking about this for 6 years now :D and it hasn't happened yet). Skippy was totally frozen and got sick. There were some sunny moments, but the wind was strong and the meter was still max 10C. In other words it was damn cold and I wore my biking gear when I walked with girls.

View from our hotel window in Logrono (click on the picture to enlarge)
Surroundings gave me the feeling of end-time movies ... 
The next leg from Logrono started with rain (again). I did not see the height of the passes on my big-scale map and once more we got caught by the winter. Starting from 1100m height it started snowing and the pass was about 1400m (help!). The streets were lovely curved and once more we saw stunning landscape, however we could not enjoy it and I developed a tunnel vision. I was too stiff to look much left or right. Later the weather got better and it stopped raining.

Somewhere along the road - this was too magnificent view to let it pass by (click on the picture to enlarge)
Once we arrived in Calatayud we were dry but deep frozen. Lucky for us this place knew how to heat the rooms and we slowly got melted. Typically Skippy jumps into a bathtub (she got lucky here again) and melts herself in a hot bath for many minutes.

Locals dumping trash just "behind" the fence
The next legs to San Antonio and further to Alicante were a bit easier to ride. The temperature was between +2..+10C, however sunny and that helped - at least - mentally. I did not stop much to take pictures, therefore I have another video here with some road impressions - enjoy... :)

Click here if you have trouble to watch the video.

~ Wolfi

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