Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year & New Life

...starting very soon! We're anxiously counting the days by now and heavily going in our minds already... This vernal weather hasn't helped either! Last few days has been plus degrees and all the big roads totally melted from snow and ice, so could basically go motorbiking...

Well luckily (really?) we still have plenty of things to do, so the temptation of leaving won't get unbearable yet... On the Holidays we did some rough planning for the Europe. We checked the dog immigration policies of all the countries and excluded the difficult ones from our route. Difficult meaning mostly about the rabies-rules. This site turned out to be very helpful:
Last evening we did more precise route plan. We try to avoid to make too much planning, but there are some must do's in Europe, so that's why have to plan a bit... The sidecar still needs some fixing before it's fit to go properly offroad so we have to head first towards north Germany. Then we want to explore some eastern parts of Europe and in the end of August Wolfi wants to participate some sidecar-rally in Germany. After those we have no stress what so ever! So we will peacefully enjoy some west European countryside before heading to Africa... :)

Rough plan for Europe

The big winter sales are now going on, so yesterday we did some shopping as well and got bit more equipped for the trip. We bought proper travelling towels, which should dry quickly and won't take too much space. Wolfi had previously Sea to Summit-towel, but it dries extremely slowly and doesn't even go to so small space, so can't recommend that brand! I also got me lovely new pillow by Cocoon and we will both get also Cocoon memory foam pillows and travel sheets, but those we have to order from Germany. I've been very happy about that brand, they do very good and durable stuff! Finally I got also a new hand mixer, which is one of the most important kitchen things for me! Our mornings usually start with a healthy smoothie so a good mixer is needed and this hand version is very useful in the making of other foods as well. You will see! :) The previous one got smashed here and the other we had somehow just fell apart...

Selling our stuff in flea market and internet goes rather well, but we still have way toooo much stuff here! So please spread the word if you know someone who would need something :) On Monday our house will go to sale by a real estate agent, so let's hope everything will go fine (and fast!) with that...

I wish a happy and better new year for everyone!

~ Ilta

The Kiddo finally got her new dining set :D
Wolfi relies on his Kuksa.

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