Sunday, January 27, 2013

Maintenance and so

Finally I was able to start the maintenance work at SilberWolf or better said, the R1150GS ;)

First of all, the back frame which I gave to local welding company started to rust heavily. There is a difference in painting and I thought that I could do it good enough. Well, think again Wolfi.
So, I took the frame off and realized that there was some water in - not very nice. Obviously the welder did not do a too good job since I realized a small hole at one of the welding seam. OK, I gave it to Ari and he took it to a colleague who was so nice to fix it quickly. Now the frame is waiting for proper paining.

Just before Pystämettä 2012, I realized that the main bearing in the rear wheel drive was broken and no way to drive 600+km. Since I did not have the tools to change the bearing, yet I had already bought the future rear wheel drive (from a R850GS) I just swapped them. Next day I was able to enjoy the ride.

In any case, this rear wheel drive has already 90+tkm according to the seller. As a pre-caution and a learning I decided to go ahead and change the bearing in there. At the same time, I noticed strange noises (sub-harmonics in certain RPMs) and realized that the 6th gear is now too short. Therefore I wanted to take the gearbox out to be send for maintenance and exchange to the long 6th gear.

This is the result:
Bike with a too tight diet :D

Next step is to change the clutch ... well, that should be a walk in the park now and then the normal maintenance. All the rest are small things to change like lights, batterie, 12V plug and so on.

Next is Ilta's bike.

~ Wolfi

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