Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Riding a sidecar on THE Road of Death (Yungas Road), Bolivia

Here I was - in La Paz - getting ready to ride the world's most dangerous road. How did I manage with my sidecar?


  1. Yes, you made it......but is it really worth risking life just for fun? Or did you have to scratch another score in your colt?
    Rgds from Nightshift

    1. Hello Nightshift. Honestly I think the so called road of death is safer as the traffic in La Paz city. Since the built of the highway, the old south Yungas road has converted to a tourist attraction. The traffic is only one way on the really bad 20km and the traffic I have experienced consisted of crazy bicyclists (mostly gringos), their support vehicle and one ambulance which was waiting there :)
      The trampoline of death in Colombia (remember ignorance is bliss!) was more real because there was "life" traffic.
      And yes, one thing more done in my "bucket list" :D