Friday, February 12, 2016

War games in Santiago de Chuco (Peru)

Carnival everywhere. See how some people in Peru celebrate it and of course plenty of more nice nature between the villages.


  1. Dear Wolfi,
    following you and Skippy since a while now though limited internet access and enjoy your story(ies)...As I can not contact Skippy via facebook or other mediums, may I ask you to help me? I have noted that she has some problems with getting cheap accomodation in France. Maybe the following sites may be usefull for her:
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    For you and Peto all the best, you will make it!

    1. I guess you can always comment either on Facebook and on youtube. I will pass the info on.
      I tried couchsurfing and I face two practical problems. I have a plan today where I will be tomorrow. Sometimes the plan will hold sometimes not. I also want to sleep in peace at night and that requires that my bike is safe. Another issue for me. Anyway, you brought me the idea to check a host for Lima because there I will need to stay for several days and Lima seems expensive... Thanks!