Saturday, February 13, 2016

Curves Curves Curves and a 3km descent - riding PE3N in Peru

Life in a tiny mountain village and another stretch of great riding which ended with a surprise.


  1. Wow, amazing road and I do love the remoteness. No, you are not "alone", I love to see these videos, wish I was travelling there too. Peto is seeing more than me, that's for sure :-)
    Stay safe

    1. It's such a pity that there are no hotels in those remote spots. Typically hotels are in the stinky horrible noisy towns. Boring.
      And thanks for commenting - it helps to feel "not alone" ;)

  2. are not alone. We never miss a post / video. Look forward to them. Fantastic scenery and roads!
    We spent the past week traveling on the sidecar into the Mohave Desert / Death Valley for a BMW Rally. Mid 80*F and nice. Happy Trails.
    Doug & Darian