Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vegan pancakes, walking through Cuenca and the bike repair continues

I walked through Cuenca and started to work on my next project - getting the required papers for Peto to come to Europe. Meanwhile Andres made vegan pancakes in the morning and I continued to repair my broken rear shock.

Company who did the rear shock work:

Leon Motors
Taller especializado: motor, suspencion, frenos
Christian Leon (he speaks English and his wife speaks German)
Parque Industrial Modulo202
Cornelio Vintimilla y Carlos Tosi
Cuenca, Ecuador
-2.876990, -78.977967


  1. Are you going back to Europe before continuing with Asia and Australia? Why that? Can you write a little bit about your plans? I can not listen to your videos I can only watch them and read the comments.
    Thank you - Jim

    1. Howdy Jim, I need to do some major decisions on how and when to continue. There are many things I want to see/visit/do and for me the best place to figure this out and organize items is either Germany or Finland. I also miss being somewhere without constant treasure hunting :) As of today I really do not have anything concrete about what happens after South America. It all depends and now is not the time to make those decisions. I am actually writing many things down and for all those who are interested in reading I am thinking of making some kind of e-book. Lets see what Skippy has learned from her endeavor and if it looks feasible (there is demand) then I will put one together.

  2. Good to read this. I already thought you are following Skippy to Europe because you can't stand life without her and the girls.:-)
    Have a save journey - Jim

    1. Wishful thinking? I enjoy also riding alone even though it came a shock after being together 24/7 for almost 1000days.