Monday, January 4, 2016

Still impressions from Desert Tatacoa, Neiva and el Trampolín del Diablo a.k.a Adiós mi vida

Here are again a few still impressions from our ride through the desert, Neiva and our ride on one the most dangerous roads of the world.
Break: Wolfi checking his bike, Skippy not so happy
A thought came along this road: is a sidecar with its asymmetry a good vehicle to go on such roads?
Desert Tatacoa - cute waysign
And that is how the commercial sign dominates...

View from the first stop

Panorama (click to enlarge)
Pablo's bearing shop in Neiva, Colombia

Pablo (holding my front frame) and Adolfo after the successful operation. Thanks you very very much Pablo, and thank you for your fast work Adolfo.
Since I was out almost all day, Peto made sure I am not going anymore out without him...

... seriously ;)
Welcome to one of the most dangerous roads in the world: trampolin de la muerte

With a length of 69.7 km, the road between Mocoa and San Francisco in the department of Putumayo in Colombia, is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road is known as Trampolín del Diablo (Devils trampoline) or Adiós mi vida (Bye bye my life). The road was built in 1930 and zigzags the Andean mountain range.
This road, which is not suitable for public transport or heavy, was built in 1930 to transport soldiers during the war between Colombia and Peru, and so far has been directly responsible for ending hundreds of lives. Different sources record more than 500 people dead in 2011 and in 1989 about 300 people died in a terrible collapse.

And such a nice scenery - it was worth going there.
But those steep drops, better not think about it.

Wolfi posing near Laguna de la cocha

Info on the companies:
Rodamientos California
Pablo Cesar Penagas Chavarro
Cra 5 No. 3-12
Tel: 8716716, 3152264075

Machine shop
Alvaro Santofimio e Hiljos & Cia
Almacen Taller y reconstructor de motores
Cra3 No.2-25
Tel: 8721647, 871 4870

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