Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wolfi celebrated his 50th birthday (San Juan Cosala 4.4. - 11.4.)

Buckle up for another intensive 12min episode of our reality show

The broken ball joint. Cause as well as time/location of the break-down is unknown.
Skippy want to do a 14+days water fast to clean her system. Instead 7 days were enough for her. She made her own vlog on how that went. Check it here.

The "garage" for fixing - at least no sand this time. Finding dropped screws was slightly more challenging.
Fixed ball joint - let's hope it lasts. Got the part after one week from BMW dealer in Oaxaca. I put some color marking on the nuts just in case.
Mexican way to illustrate what might happen.
Tono from the Moto Servico in San Juan was a great help.
Tono wrote such nice note in order to find another person who might have the 46mm wrench to do the ball joint repair. While waiting for the ball joint, I spent three days looking for the required tools to do the work.
One of the house dogs - cute lady.
Cookies, cakes, excellent food and some wine for the birthday hero - the way to go when living on the road. The pictures shows another snickers cake made by Skippy.

Sad and true. Drug war related news make headlines in Mexico almost every week. This here happened in the state of Jalisco about 250km west of San Juan Cosala.

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