Thursday, April 9, 2015

San Juan Cosala - part I (29.3. - 4.4.2015)

Some more family and road drama here:

Then we arrived in San Juan Cosala - Thermal bath town without the smell of rotten eggs!
Hot water everywhere.
Plenty of Americans and Canadians here. Mostly in high-security premises.
Mexican style - combined restaurant, shop and living area.
Stylish house number signs.
Beautiful colored flowers. Eye therapy!
Drinking water delivery. The canisters are reused or recycled - already much better compared to West-Africa.
Mexican style window with integrated barrier.
San Juan main street.
San Juan also offered a promenade with playgrounds and picnic areas.
Plenty of bird life.
Looked like hay in the wires.
Houses with plenty of flowers.
Interesting mix of religious painting and bread/bakery add.
Tower house.
Plenty of stray dogs in the village.
Looks like he found something delicious.
Our track (370km)
The pictures and story from the pilgrims is in the previous post. Check it out here.

Life was ok until I noticed this: Some crucial parts from my Telelever ball joint (Kugelgelenk) incl. the nut was missing. Shit hit again the fan. Another major effort in getting the spare parts and finding the tools to do the repair. It feels right now like a series of devastating major repairs.

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