Thursday, March 26, 2015

Los Ayala - part 3 (16. - 22.3.2015)

One more reality show ... click on the picture to watch and enjoy.

Wondering how much of a use is that gate?
Jackfruit tree
That poor dog on a very short lead - each time we walked by the dog went all "ballistic", barking and almost strangulating itself.
Los Ayala's football field.
And then Skippy told me that my blinker had fallen off. Always good to have a few cable ties nearby.
Girls needed their vaccinations renewed and we went here.
Finally Christmas came and I got a nice new rear shock.
Nice and shiny - let's see how long this will last.
One of the bigger crossings in the village with a little surprise in the middle.
A "tiny" hole ;)
Pineapple bush.
Then I went to Vallarta Organics in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco to get some organic and out-of-the-usual food.

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