Thursday, March 5, 2015

Broken - fixed and broken again ... will we ever get out of here?

The drama continues ...

Broken rear shock (I think I need a hot key for this sentence).
This time it snapped in the other direction. The problem is that there is always some other damage happening when the rear is collapsing like this.
Good intention - lousy job in the end.

Miquel (left) who is a friend of Fernando (Tourist officer) and David (right) who is a friend of Miquel. A guy who knows somebody who knows somebody - that's the way to solve problems :)
New piece made out of steel.
It fits and works - let's hope it lasts ;)
This is how to buy cinnamon! :)
Finlandia - never seen those in Finland.
Great selection of dark German beer.
Interesting way to protect a tree.

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