Sunday, January 18, 2015

Yuma, AZ 5-8 Jan 2015

Due to this major shift in direction, I needed to prepare the bikes for the new route and some of the bigger maintenance on both bikes needed to be done before entering Mexico. There were also a few items which appeared to be worn out but as long as we were in “civilized” country with BMW and Suzuki dealers always nearby, there was no sense of urgency to fix those as long as we rode in the US.

Our next stop was in Yuma where we got invited a long time ago by Doug and Darian – Thank you VERY much! We stayed at their other trailer. An excellent practice for the upcoming tiny house lifestyle :D  Doug also served as a mail hub since he had an important letter for me from Rudi (Thanks Rudi).

The required maintenance on both bikes plus the required repair on my bike caused once more a little bit of thinking, logistics and arrangements. We decided not to do any repair at Doug's place instead waited for Phoenix where we got invited by people via the ADVrider tent space page. It seemed that once I start working on the bike I can take care of several issues in parallel. Once the Beemer would be ready I'd start with the Suzi.
Play and food break on our way to Yuma.
"Home" for the next few days.
We all loved it and my kiddo was all excited :D
Wow! They do not maintain the river beds and ATV trails - how disappointing ;p
Sure! Remember, I felt really young when going grocery shopping. Maybe this tiny bump could cause a heart failure, better be sure and put up a sign!
Really cool sand dunes and this time the temperature was perfect for a hike (compared to Africa).
Doug and Darian took us there.
Neighbor lot - electric, water and grey-water sewer hook-up is all one needs.
Girls liked it also a lot.
Doug and Darian - thanks a lot for your hospitality!
Some more reality show. Enjoy!

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