Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy Holidays in Las Vegas

This post is told by pictures :)
And its another night out in Las Vegas :)
This time we tried to hit the jackpot.
The girls are trying and lost their money.
Then it was my turn ... well I won a little bit .... and played until I lost mine in the end.
Final result: we lost a total of 4USD!
For 4 USD one can buy a whole lot of ripe (and reduced) bananas - much better Return-On-Investment.
Then we squeezed Lara into the sidecar to enjoy some other sights in Las Vegas.
All in and life is good :D
Three of us at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden.
Really nice light show ...
plenty to see :)
Ulpu guarding our room.
Lara has another ride in the sidecar. Never before we had a picture taken from within the sidecar :D
Happy Holidays lunch at Indian Plaza - really good vegan food.
Wolfi went again to make some laundry and found this sign ... REALLY???!!!??? Obviously it is ok (and maybe even normal) to wash your pet in the washing machine ;)
On our last day we finally made it to here :D
Another travelogue by Skippy :)

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