Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wolfi - "home" alone

Since Skippy enjoys beating up other guys in Karate training, I was able to finally have my vacation. Well, almost :D

Skippy's Suzi was almost due for another oil change (and some other minor issues), so I decided to do it simply at Rudi's place. I also replaced the original fork springs with the ones I got from Hyperpro. I was amazed how quickly the fork oil got old, after only 10.000km, it looked very dirty.

Easy tool to measure the air chamber
So, it did all that, was happy with myself and cleaned the place up, when I tossed with my big fat ass Skippy's bike. P****** ja S******.

Well, maybe now it's time for a new blinker ;)
New color on Skippy's bike
Besides this minor incident, Skippy took off and I was on my own with the dogs. Since I had now plenty of time, I tried to find some sidecar get-together in Saarland and I even found one - lucky me. It was the official "1. Gespanntreffen" in Kirkel-Neuhäusel. So I went there and just made it to the Saturday afternoon excursion ride. Not bad, a last guided tour through Bliesgau and surroundings. When we came back to the campsite, the dogs and me had a snack and then it was time to get back to Rudi's place. Those ladies were just hazzling too much and the kids were all over the dogs, so I needed to maintain my mental balance as well :D (handling three hyper-active dogs alone is a challenge).

Nice campsite and separated from the normal campers - good luck in the future.
Waiting to get started with the ride

More sidecars (and solo bikes) on the other side.

Met Jörg (left) again - thanx for the help with the GPS holder. 
I also had some time to meet relatives, old friends and fix a few items on my bike, like the damaged Jesse side case, my broken POVHD helmet camera (it was only the one pin at the camera head connector) and other small things.

I am not shitting :D ... only using my body weight to straighten the side case ;) 
Mana and me
Hertta guarding the house door and waiting for mom to come in

Besides a few last minutes hazels with some bike issues and packing, my last day at Rudi went rather peacefully. I was even able to make my yearly brake fluid change and washed girls. Now they smell very nice and are all clean to see mom again :D

It's now Wednesday morning (18Sep) and I am heading to North Germany. I am wondering what kind of welcome we will have. Girls have not been so long separated from Skippy for a long long time, and Hertta never.

A big - no huge thanx to Rudi, who had a lot of patience with me and girls :)

~ Wolfi

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