Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sidecar modifications

A quick review what kind of modifications we did on the sidecar. The main reason for the whole action was that we could not open the lid of the alu-case when it was standing in its normal position.

Too careful handling of the boxes lead to this slight mis-adjustment
Well, no big deal as such. Two case holders needed to be moved a few cm backwards and that was it. The bigger job was to repaint the whole frame, especially since it had an additional wax protection inside the metal pipes. Since this paint job was necessary, there was a chance to do other welding jobs at the same time. I did not like the idea that one important screw (holding the sidecar wheel) was standing out a little on the bottom side. This is where I expect to hit rocks and other bumps when riding with a tilt (i.e. one wheel is in the car lane and the other is off of the other lane). At the same time, we re-routed the wires and the cable for the suspension adjustment, so that they are not any longer below the frame.

Screw and wires are coming out from the bottom of the frame

No more sticking screws coming out on the bottom
Peter also made a plate which protects the other important screw of the sidecar wheel.

I also got my winch installed :)
WARN XT17 Winch installed on the sidecar
And we did a just-in-case carrier plate, maybe to hold a water barrel or something like it.
Additional holding plate for XYZ stuff

Several few minor modifications, the painting job and getting everything together again took its time. In parallel to those things, I did a few modifications and installations now, since Peter has all sorts of tools and I was running out of time at home.

Now all is done and I sleep better ;)

~ Wolfi

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