Friday, May 17, 2013


Nothing special... Well sorry to say, but those were the first words that came into my mind now when trying to think what to write.

8th of May we left the camping place in Lithuania. Me tiptoeing the first kilometres and Wolfi sweating behind... I wanted to be sure that my day doesn't start with a fall! It was a beautiful hot day (close to +30) and in the Poland side spring/summer was again much further. Berry/fruit trees nicely flowering and lovely sweet smell everywhere and of course plenty of bees! I got already my second stung (first was in Latvia), but luckily I'm not allergic so wasn't bad at all.
This time we didn't take much sand roads, because there was not much meaningful ones (just very very small ones) and we also had a schedule to keep up to.
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First night in Poland we stayed in a small cabin in some kind of home/farm camping place. We didn't have internet access in the previous place so couldn't choose a place beforehand. In the first bigger town we started then to search a place to stay. First tried to get some translation help in a shopping mall parking place... Hopeless! Then we just decided to drive on for a moment and luckily saw a sign next to the street! Ok place, but in the end costed twice as much than the ten times better/nicer/cooler place what we had the following nights. This camping place also had plenty of animals there and to my opinion all were maltreated, especially the dogs! Horribly dirty and smelly cages, dogs furs all messy and nails way too long. Next morning when the owner had already gone I had courage to go close to the dogs (previous night they were trying to act scary) and noticed that no-one had left them any water or food and it was a very hot day!!! So I went to get my water bottle and girls dry food and instantly when those poor (huge) dogs saw what I had they were behaving totally nice! I filled their pots through the (prison)bars and got me two new beautiful friends :) Real gentle giants when you treat them nicely!
Beautifull and extremely nice big (60-80kg) boy :) His friend hiding somewhere in the behind cage.
After the camping place we headed deeper into the Polish countryside towards so far the coolest/nicest accommodation of our trip. It was another hot day, but now with some pressure in the air and a heavy wind! So heavy that I really had to struggle to stay up at some moments! Few kilometres before our hotel it finally started to rain and thunder... and what a thunder it was! We had some difficulties to find the place and at one crossing Wolfi left me for a moment to look for the right street (it was again this nasty drift sand and all tired and wet didn't have energy to do any extra milage) and while he was gone a lightning hit very close by and so hard that the sound wall cracked (or whatever it's called)! That was scary as hell, I had never heard anything like that before! Later on it gave even extra chill when I learned that bike isn't too safe to be at when there's thunder... Well eventually we found the place and for this difficult sand road part we swapped bikes because Wolfi has more power and longer legs to hold my bike up when it starts to wobble.... but he did fell also... not badly though, but at least now I don't have to try to explain anymore how difficult it is!

Gościniec Figlówka - Really cool mansion in the middle of nowhere surrounded by beautiful forest.

Done with great taste everywhere and not expensive at all! (at least off season) Here I would love to go again with more time!

The umbrella turned out to be very practical :)

Lyra was extremely happy to get proper play in the next morning!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Hertta and Ulpu sleeping after a heavy play time :)

Saturday 11th of May we had to leave this beautiful place because Berlin was waiting... what a pity! We had again rather easy roads, but still very nice. Lovely countryside with gorgeous big trees around the streets bringing us needed sun. Some small rain showers here and there, but nothing too big. Afternoon we arrived to Lowicz Walecki Motel Park, which first looked rather cool and interesting, but in the end was a quite dump... and a rip off! The owner seemed like a dog lover and heavily offered us his garage and showed his bike project and other collection items... but in the end just took heavy money of all these. Left rather nasty aftertaste :( 

Weird things around the place.
Lousy lights, so needed my 'otsalamppu' :)

There was no kitchen so had to do all the cookings in the bathroom. Luckily(?) no fire alarms anywhere.

Interesting sunset in the last evening. Soon after this started heavy rain and we went downstairs to play pool and that was fun! Way too long time since the last game!

~ Ilta

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