Sunday, April 17, 2016

Limache to Osorno (Chile) and then came the starter motor problem

Yep - another problem and this time with the starter motor. It had made trouble for a while and I thought it would be a good idea to open, check and fix it now (quickly!) so I won't have any more trouble down the road (hopefully)...


  1. Man, I feel bad for you, the transmission problems and now the starter, that sucks.
    You are going to Ushuaia at the wrong time, it should be really cold there now.
    Stay safe

    1. Yep- it's getting chilly in Chile ;) ... can hardly wait for more southern locations...

  2. Wolfi, the more southern you ride to colder it will get. Remember, it's getting winter where you are going to...... It is like trying to escape the winter in Europe by riding to North Cape ;-)

  3. Hello Anonymous. I assume that you live on the northern hemisphere and thus - no wonder - you got it all up-side-down. I am not trying to escape winter. I am trying to get to Tierra del Fuego and the weather is what it is ;)
    Of course it's getting winter here...