Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crossing the Darien Gap - part I: leaving Panama mainland

Here is part I: leaving Panama mainland

Mode of transport:
Stahlratte (transports people, motorbikes, hacks and for dogs, please check with the captain)
We booked our journey a few months earlier and it started on 17. September 2015 from Carti (San Blas), Panama and ended on 20. September 2015 in Cartagena, Colombia.

Border formalities leaving Panama:
Honestly no idea. We gave our passports, bike papers and Panama temporary import permit to the captain and he took care of all stuff at the Panama side. No additional costs.

Hotel El Porvenir (important for folks with own vehicle):
The hotel would have costed 20USD/person + watertaxi 10USD/person/ride, so a total of 80USD for two persons. No info if there would be additional charges for dogs. We asked whether we can camping and it was ok for 5USD/person (so a total of 50USD for two persons incl. shower and toilet). I am not sure whether this was an exception or whether camping is commonly ok.

SilberWolf waiting to be loaded on board of Stahlratte
All the sudden I had this baby in my arms :D (picture taken by Mike)
Hotel El Porvenir on the island El Porvenir...
and the island even has a landing strip. We got let Peto free because he could not run away neither chase any motos or bicycles or such :)
Camping in the Carribean

Peto's first night in the tent and what a night it was...
Cool dugout canoe
Our tracks in Panama (690km)

That also concludes Central America track (3500km)

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  1. Great Video! A new leg of your Adventure has begun....Thanks so much for sharing!