Monday, January 20, 2014

Midelt - Ouarzazate & Travelogue #4

The riding experience from the previous leg did leave some scars and we decided to take it a little easier for a while. Now more experiments via the mountain roads and so we went via the N13 and N10 to Tinghir. The roads were easy going and since we had plenty of time, we stopped on a few occasions making this riding day a piece of cake. We enjoyed the taste of the desert as well as the mountains. Some views were quite spectacular.
Sahara starts about here
Once we arrived at the hotel, some helper already expected us at the street. The hotel itself was about 50 m (height meters) below the street level down the hill. We took only what we really needed for one night and then moved our bikes to a garage nearby. At least the bikes were safely locked away. Our room was dungeon-like, small with no window and no heating. We asked for a heater and soon after we got one, there was no electricity. Great! We kept on freezing and after some hours electricity came back. Definitely a summer place, nothing for winter!
Breakfast served on the roof terrace with excellent Berber-style coffee.
Next day we rode along the N10 towards Ouarzazate - the movie city of Morocco. The day got pretty warm especially when one was in the sun. Girls sought for water and we had a nice play once in a while. The landscape changed more and more towards desert-like. Also the people appeared to be more and more dark-colored skin compared to the typical Moroccan from the north.
Free public parking :D
The same spot in a different angle. Since I could not decide which to put here, I put them both ;)
We arrived at our hotel, got into the room and instantly changed our 3-night stay to a 2-night one. Once more, we needed to ask for a heater and this time the electricity went off for good for this day and we were freezing whole night. Besides that trouble, the food was excellent and we enjoyed once more some Moroccan cuisine for dinner as well as at the breakfast. At the second night the heater (and entire electricity) was only off once in a while and we could get some sleep. The place had also some Berber tents which looked inviting. Most likely ok if you have a winter sleeping bag or it is summer :) We were happy to leave the next day. On the way out Wolfi found this "palm tree".
Down sides of mobile communication were also visible in Ouarzazate. A known problem (where to put the antennas) solved the Moroccan way :)
Three sectors and a micro-wave connection - all a Base Station needs :D
Life with an amateur photographer is tough ;)

And here our travelogue #4

Click here if you have trouble to watch the video.

~ Ilta & Wolfi

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