Monday, August 27, 2012

Camping wild

It was Saturday morning and after the tire change, it was time to hit the road. We took a couple of bigger roads, to get still some mileage done this day. Our plan was to stay overnight in Ylläs. We found a place with a free mökki and then surprise surprise - NO DOGS.

What a disappointment and the owner gave a pretty lame excuse why dogs are not ok in their cabins. Well, the hint to some neighbor did not lead to anything either and so we just drove on until we found a suitable place in the middle of nowhere.

Camping in the wild
Note: About 1.5l of water are required for a quick wash.

The next day we went to Inari. Skippy's chain started to become troublesome now and required frequent adjustments. Of course we had again plenty of gravel roads in between and this seems to require significantly more maintenance in respect to greasing and cleaning the chain (Folks - remember I am a "shaft" guy (Kardan), never have owned a motorbike with chain!)

Maintaining Skippy's chain besides the road

Reindeer's are everywhere and sometimes they pop-up surprisingly. Luckily they are not quite as jumpy as a deer.

"Albino - reindeer"

The two Petris did move north also in the meantime and they arrived at their camp nearby Saariselkä. Since the distance between Saariselkä and Inari is about 70km, we accepted their offer to come and stay at their place. This would also allow us to have one resting day which we would use for finding gold and gems ....

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