Thursday, July 5, 2012

After Europe we're on our own!

...that's basically what we learned last Monday when we met our insurance lady. Our health insurances are valid only on max. 3 months trips. We could get 9 months extension to it for an extra fee, but it doesn't really make sense 'cos our trip will be several years! To have a continuous health insurance we should live after each year at least 6 months in Finland! Great!
So most likely after 3 months and also meaning after Europe we're on our own! Luckily I have taken really good care of us with my healthy foods and fitness programs. So we shouldn't be in too bad shape and hopefully won't need to see doctors for such health issues. Accidents are of course a totally different story...

Bike insurances don't have any time limits, but they're just not basically valid outside of Europe! The list of countries that except Green Card is ridiculous! In other countries we should then always buy insurance at the border if it's compulsory.

Wolfi had some ideas of different kind of insurance companies in Germany or so. Lets see if he'll find there any better options.

Yeah and no need to ask how is the situation with dogs insurances! No hope after Nordic countries!

Well we'll all have doctors checkups and vaccinations before the trip so there shouldn't come any big health surprises on the trip, at least not in the beginning!

~ Ilta

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  1. No mut pieni jännityslisä tuo vaan mielenkiintoa reissuun :)

    - Heli